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Then and now


~ That was then, this is now!  Revisiting the PAST and the PRESENT ~

Kirtland is where Ernest Albert Webbe came to settle. It is here he raised his family and where much of the Webbe history took place.

The old Kirtland Store building on highway 306 was purchased and owned by Ernest Albert Webbe and operated by Ralph Dyke before about 1943. Behind the store was a house and a barn converted into a house where Paul Webbe (Ernest's Son) raised his family. From about 1943 through 1950 EA Webbe took over operation of the store, Ida Mae would mind the store during the day, and Paul would, on his way home from Euclid Road Machinery, would close out the register each night. The store was eventually rented to Wally Rogers, a former employer of Paul Webbe's. Wally was successful enough with "Rogers Golden Dawn Foods" that it he later opened Rogers Supermarket down the road a bit. Ernest then rented the building out to a local Antique dealer, and after that he sold the land that the store and houses were on to the Church for use by the Temple. The land is now occupied by the Temple Visitor Center.

 Kirtland Store - Click on picture to see larger representation

The Kirtland General Store in 1950. Janet and Betty Webbe standing in front of the store while Dorothy Bricker (age 12) took the picture. The store was temporarily boarded up because a neighbor lady ran her car into it.

Kirtland Store - 1950 - Click on picture to see larger representation



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