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Smiling Photo    

Aiden was 4 weeks old when he started smiling.  He smiled more frequently at 8 weeks old and it was usually when I had this small mylar balloon on a stick that I held up in front of his face.  Some reason, it would always elicit a HUGE smile on his face.
The "balloon" was kept in close proximity - especially when he was being fussy, I could always count on that piece of mylar!

Mylar balloon that makes Aiden smile Photo    
Mylar balloon that makes Aiden smile
Here's the mylar balloon that makes him smile so much.  It was part of a flower arrangement that was given to us from Uncle Allen and Aunt Polly when Aiden was born.

First tooth

Aiden's first tooth started at about 2.5 months ( bottom front )
By 10/23/2005, the tooth next to the one that came up was coming in too.


Aiden laughed out loud for the first time at 12 weeks old.  I "accidently" tickled him when I was changing his shirt and touched his arms and ribs.

First Father's day! Photo    
First Father's day!
This is Aiden and papa on Father's day.

Slept thru the night Photo    
Slept thru the night

Aiden was 3 months, 1 week when he slept thru the night.  Junne was getting ready to go back to work from maternity leave and just about 2 days before she went, he slept from about 7:30pm until 6:00am.  Truth is, both of us thought the other had fed Aiden when it was realized that neither one of us had.
Since then, he has been sleeping at least 10 hours a night.  He usually naps really well too at about 3 - 4 hours each time.
Aiden was taking 2 naps a day at about 2 - 3 hours each until about his 1 year birthday.  He then went to 1 nap a day, stilll at 3 - 4 hours average.

Interesting thing about this photo is that Aiden ONLY slept in this boppy and would not sleep anywhere else.  We tried the crib and he would cry.  Most of the time, he would sleep on the chair with this boppy around him and Junne would sleep on the recliner to keep an eye on him.

Finally about the time he was sleeping through the night, we managed to get him to sleep in his crib.

Rolled over

First attempt was at 4 months, 1 week.  He anxiously tried each time we put him on his back and finally mastered it on 08/20/2005.  By that time, thats all he wanted to do!

BEFORE the haircut! Photo    
BEFORE the haircut!
Wholly moly!  Would you look at that hair!!!!!!!

First Haircut Photo    
First Haircut

First hair cut done with Bruce's electric shaver.  Aiden hated it!

First solid food meal Photo    
First solid food meal

Aiden's first solid meal was at 4 months, 3 weeks old.  He had about 4 baby spoonfuls of Rice cereal mixed with formula.  He drank 6 ounces of formula.
Aiden had rice cereal all over his hands because he was trying to suck his thumb at the same time.  We think Aiden will be left-handed like his mama as he is already displaying those tendencies.

First trip on an airplane & Disneyland. Photo    
First trip on an airplane & Disneyland.

Aiden's first time on an airplane was a trip to Disneyland.  He had his own seat and didn't seem to mind the flight at all.  He was wide awake during the flight and was just interested in the noises and stuff around him.
Aiden was 5 months old on this trip.

At Disneyland?  He slept alot of the time in the stroller.  Luckily the temperature was in the 70's and overcast most of the time.  Very nice and enjoyable trip.

Drank out of a sippy cup

Drank out of a sippy cup at 6 months old.  One day I just filled it with 1/2 water and 1/2 juice and Aiden just took right to it!

Does this Stuffed Mickey Mouse...... Photo    
Does this Stuffed Mickey Mouse......

Make my butt look big????

Sat up

Aiden was sitting up in his bouncy chair and then again on his boppy.

First Halloween - 2005 Photo    
First Halloween - 2005

Major "wardrobe malfunction" here.  Aiden never did wear this outfit.  It was represented much differently in the catalog. ( see below )  The hat was not pointy and poofy like that ( even when rolled under )

In case you're wondering, he's supposed to be a "Hershey's Kiss"

Actually, he kind of looks like a "baby" Pontiff, a very upset one at that!

Halloween costume Photo    
Halloween costume

THIS is what its "supposed" to look like based on the representation of this photo.  As you can see, it clearly does NOT look anything remotely like this..........

Well I ended up sending the company I ordered it from a letter and a picture of the costume ON Aiden and they gave me a full refund ( and probably laughing the whole time they saw it ) PLUS they let me keep the costume.  Still have it.  Not sure what to do with it.  I "Cringe" everytime I see it in the closet.


Started babbling stuff we couldn't understand.  The one thing we "could" understand was CAT.  He would point to the CAT and say "aaaatt"

Christmas 2005 Photo    
Christmas 2005
Sitting on Santa's lap for the first time.  Aiden did not cry and was more interested in what was going on around him.

Walked while holding our hands.

Okay so this was a little backwards.  Aiden still is "not" crawling, but he walks while holding on to one of our hands.  Whenever he spied a hand "not" in use, he would seize the opportunity to grab on while he could.

Whole milk

Drank whole milk for the first time.  Aiden didn't even seem to notice that it was not his regular formula!

First Easter Photo    
First Easter

Aiden's first trip to see the Easter Bunny.

Drank milk in his sippy cup

Drank milk from his sippy cup.  We had a hard time switching from a bottle to the sippy cup, even though Aiden could drink juice out of the sippy cup, he wanted his bottle for the milk. 
We had two sets of sippy cups.  The blue and green one we used for his juice so we thought we could use the blue and red one for his milk.  This way we could keep the two liquids seperate.
Finally after 2 days, Aiden finally drank his milk from the sippy cup.  The blue and green cup we were originally using for the juice.  Turns out, he HATES the blue and red cup and won't drink ANYTHING from it.  Little did we know at the time, it was the color of the cup that made him NOT want to drink milk from it.
IS this the first sign of baby OCD??????

Sat up by himself

Sat up by himself in the crib from a lying down position.  He may have done this before since he was sitting up on his own from about October 2005, but this was the first time we noticed him doing this in the crib.

Stood up by himself

Stood up by himself in the crib.

Crawled Photo    

Crawled. Finally! Aiden really never took an interest in crawling.  He was able to "walk" while holding our hands and preferred that method.


Somewhere around the time we moved, Aiden became fascinated with "Lights"
Whenever we would turn on the light, he would say "Lieeee"
Whenever there was a light source that he could see, he would say "Lieeee" ( not articulating the "T" )
Sometimes, he would say something that sounded like "baboo lieeee" which we had no idea what he was referring to.  Still don't.
Occasionally when it is time for him to get up in the morning, he would lay in his crib in the dark and gently say "Lieeee," which usually meant he wanted us to come and get him up ( and turn on the light, of course! )
It sounds so "cute" hearing his voice softly thru the baby monitor.

Knows Nose!

When I would point to my nose and say "where's mama's nose?" Aiden would put his hand or point to my nose.  By this time, he knew where HIS nose was, his eyes, ears, mouth, fingers, thumbs, belly button, hair and eye brow.  Shortly thereafter, he was able to show me his teeth, cheek, chin and neck.

Cruising Photo    

Likes to "Cruise" along the couch - real slowly!  Aiden is sporting his first Nike shoes!

Aiden on being shy Photo    
Aiden on being shy

When Aiden gets "shy" he covers part of his face with his hand.

Trying to climb Photo    
Trying to climb

Aiden's first attempt to try and climb on something was with his little toy drum.  One day, he sat the drum close to the couch and was trying to get on the couch.  He successfully got on the drum and was making his way to the top of the couch before I intercepted him.
Needless to say, the drum now sits in the closet until he can play with it more "responsibly" and not cause a heart attack for his mama.

Fathers day 2006 Photo    
Fathers day 2006
Big guy Webbe and Little guy Webbe...........

First solo steps Photo    
First solo steps

Took first solo steps ( about 10 steps ) today.  Junne put Aiden down near the couch and he started walking.  Normally Aiden would be holding this interactive soft globe for balance.  This time he "forgot" that he didn't have his globe and that he was not holding on to "any" hands either.  By the time he realized it, he had taken 10 steps.  I think he was surprised at himself.

First steps. Now walking real good! Photo    
First steps. Now walking real good!

Really walking good and taking the initiative to walk on his own.

Learning pictures

At about 18 months, we really started looking more at Aiden's picture books.  One in particular that he loved was a picture book on Noah and the Ark animals.  We would say the name of the animal in the book and he would point them out.  He wanted to do this over and over again.

Halloween Photo    

No "wardrobe malfunction" this year.  He didn't seem to mind too much in this cute lion outfit.  By the end of the night, he was "roaring" like a lion in his best little girly sounding roar.

The clock Photo    
The clock

I bought this clock at the bookstore.  It has shapes, colors and numbers that Aiden loves to play with.  Within a few days, Aiden already knew how to put the shapes back in order.  We taught him the shapes and he can pretty much identify all of them with no problem.  Same with the colors.  We play a little game where we would "call out" the numbers and he would "point" to them.  If he "touched" the number 1, he would get tickled.  He LOVED this game and it taught him how to identify the numbers.  So far, he can identify ALL of the numbers up to the number 12.
One day, he took ALL of the numbers out of the clock and placed them on the floor - except for the number 1.  He grabbed my hand and took me over to the clock and placed my hand on the number 1 so that I COULD take it out and he wouldn't get tickled!  How clever is that?  This at 19 months old!

Christmas 2006 Photo    
Christmas 2006

Aiden enjoyed going up to the Christmas tree and pointing and touching the ornaments.  He especially loved the gold star and the bells that made noise. 
He loved the lights and loved pointing out the different colors.

Aiden climbing on the ornament box! Photo    
Aiden climbing on the ornament box!

We never actually saw Aiden climbing!  One day we walked in the kitchen to see this!  Aiden was climbing down when we quickly got the camera and snapped this.  Before he got down, he was giggling!  He thought it was SO funny!  Probably so cause he got caught in the act!

First Art lessons! Photo    
First Art lessons!

Aiden enjoying his first art lessons.  We got him this double sided easel for Christmas.  So far he is drawing with the dry erase side.  Haven't even got to the chalk board on the other side.

Word of caution: Dry erase markers DO NOT come out of clothing, as we so discovered. So until we get a bigger coverall for Aiden, it "won't" be back to the drawing board!

Riding his ATV Photo    
Riding his ATV

Aiden riding his ATV that "Santa" got him for Christmas.  He got the hang of it pretty quick but occasionally gets off of it, stands next to it, pushes the red start button to make the ATV lurch forward and then giggles.
You know, 2 mph IS pretty quick!

Warm fuzzies Photo    
Warm fuzzies

What is this piece of red fuzz on the table?  Well, its Aiden's little fuzz.  Aiden loves this little piece of fuzz.  He totes it around and places it in the most curious places. Once, I found the fuzz on my desk, another time it appeared inside one of the kitchen cabinets. One never knows where it will show up next.  Very precarious!
Ahhh, the simplicity of childhood.

ABC's Photo    

Aiden is starting to recognize his ABC's.  He can already pick out more than half of the alphabet when asked.  He has a little bit of trouble identifying some of the similar phonetic sounding ones such as C and Z.

AND, he likes to arrange the letters on the fridge................ he likes them to be "just so"

Articulating his words Photo    
Articulating his words

Aiden started articulating and saying letters in the last week.  He can now say A-I-D-E-N, although the A and N sound a little "off" he really is trying and takes such pride when we praise him for saying it.  This is him saying "E" which he proudly says "EEEEEEEEeeeeee"

Aiden Dancing! 2/18/07

On the slide Photo    
On the slide
Took Aiden to the baby zoo.  He mostly wanted to ride the slide here and was having a blast!

Aiden on his new slide Photo    
Aiden on his new slide
Aiden sliding down his new slide.  His Grammy got him this for his birthday and he just LOVES it!!!

Annunciating his    
Annunciating his "O's"
Aiden LOVES to say the letter "O"
He purses his lips to look like little cheerio's and the sound comes out even funnier.....

Sitting on the EASTER BUNNY! Photo    
Sitting on the EASTER BUNNY!
Somehow, this year, Aiden decides HE HATES the Easter bunny!!! He cried immediately when he got put on the bunny's lap.  Once he got done, he turned around, with a big smile on his face, waved and said bye-bye!  How soon we forget!

Bubble bath time! Photo    
Bubble bath time!
Sometime in March
Anyone for "manufactured" bubbles?

Bunny project Photo    
Bunny project
This is Aiden's first art project he made in his playgroup.
All of the items were pre-cut and the mouth/whiskers were already drawn on the plate for him.
He glued all of the pieces on there, including the small little eyes.  ( some help from his mama )
He thought carefully when asked where the ears and feet go on the bunny and placed them accordingly.
He didn't care for the glue getting on his hands and promptly wiped them off on mama's shirt.

Aiden quit smoking..........
Sometime in April, 2007

HIS thumb, that is!!!
Sometime in April, when we weren't looking, Aiden stopped smokin the thumb!  It was the darndest thing cause he would put that thumb in his mouth and pull it back out s-l-o-w-l-y like a fine cuban cigar!  Then one day, Bruce and I noticed that he put his thumb in his mouth for just a few moments - it was then when it reminded us that he STOPPED but we don't know when!

Took this video on 4/18/07 

Bruce only showed Aiden how to do this puzzle once and when Bruce saw that he could do it on his own, told me to grab the video and tape it.
So this is Aiden's 3rd time doing this


I was amazed - he was only 24 months at the time!!!!

Current favorite toy Photo    
Current favorite toy
Aiden LOVES this Orange bumpy ball we got at Gymboree a few months ago.  He totes it around everywhere and sometimes wants it on his "table" when we are eating <sigh>
other times he runs it around in his shopping cart, on the back of his tractor or even pushes it down his slide.

Lately, he has been practicing the fine art of balancing and sits on the ball like he is practicing yoga or something.......  He can sit on that thing longer than I can! and believe me, I'VE TRIED!

My little drummer boy! Photo    
My little drummer boy!
Aiden playing the drum.
Aiden likes to take a bowl, flip it upside down, take two of his spoons and rap them on the "bowl" like he is a drummer.  He does quite well too playing the spoons simutaneously in perfect beat.

Aiden the Virtuoso! Photo    
Aiden the Virtuoso!
Aiden LOVES to play this self-playing violin.  Almost looks like he is playing it complete with the sounds and all.
He really loves music and loves to imitate the different instruments.

Hop on Pop! Photo    
Hop on Pop!
Got this shot just as Aiden was getting ready to jump up and down on Bruce while he was napping.

On being cute! Photo    
On being cute!
This picture says it all..............

First time at the beach! Photo    
First time at the beach!
We took Aiden to The Santa Cruz beach and boardwalk.
He LOVED the sand and loved walking in the wet sand.
I was amazed that he really liked the water and sand combo but he really took to it right away.
He stood at the edge of the water and was in awe of the water coming in and then receding.  He giggled as the water "chased" him and then tried to run after it!  After he fell a few times, he decided to go back on the dry sand for awhile.

Orange ball revisited! Photo    
Orange ball revisited!
What do you get when you have:

1 Bright orange bumpy ball?
A bunch of colorful letters and numbers?
1 curious little boy with a inquisitive imagination?

Bruce & Aiden on the train at San Francisco Zoo Photo    
Bruce & Aiden on the train at San Francisco Zoo
Riding the Little Puffer steam train at the San Francisco zoo.

Bruce and Aiden on Father's day Photo    
Bruce and Aiden on Father's day
Aiden was being too squirmy and not wanting to sit still for a picture.  This was in between his "flibbiness"

Aiden playing his drum machine. Photo    
Aiden playing his drum machine.
Aiden's LOVES his new drum machine!  He can carry a good beat and just loves trying the different sounds.  I think he's gonna be the next Neil Peart. ( In case your wondering who Neil Peart is, he's the GREATEST dummer in the world playing with RUSH, IMHO!)

Relaxing in the pool! Photo    
Relaxing in the pool!
It was a hot day so we filled up the outside pool so Aiden can sit and play in it.

This is one of my favorite pictures of him.  So much so, that I made it in to a "multivision" picture.  I mean, 3 is better than 2 right?

Drums revisited! Photo    
Drums revisited!
Playing the drums some more!

Watching TV in the kitty cat bed! Photo    
Watching TV in the kitty cat bed!
Some reason, Aiden has always been fascinated with the cat bed.  For no other reason but to sit in it.

Looking through a cut out book! Photo    
Looking through a cut out book!

I'm a kitty cat!

Jumping in the ball pit! Photo    
Jumping in the ball pit!
Aiden just discovered how much more fun it is to "jump" in to the ball pit.  He did this over and over again, probably about 25 times before he got tired.

What do you do with a scurvy pirate? Photo    
What do you do with a scurvy pirate?
You make them walk the plank!  Arrrrh!

Aiden's first    
Aiden's first "owie"
Somehow, Aiden has made it all the way to 2.5 years before suffering a cut, bruise or major trauma.  This is his first "boo boo"
He fell on a corner of a table while playing.  He really didn't cry but you could tell it hurt him.

Sleeping on papa! Photo    
Sleeping on papa!
Sleeping on papa is still the best!

My son the artist! Photo    
My son the artist!

Aiden wanted me to draw a cat so I made the one on the right and he copied me!  He did pretty good, if you ask me!

Drumming........... Photo    
A trip to the local pumpkin patch wouldn't be anything without a little bit of drumming.  Yes, they had about 10 drums for kids to "play"
Aiden's eyes lit up as we walked past the display and he wanted to play them all.

of Aiden's drumming skills.... He is very proficient at mimicking the sounds he hears, as demonstrated in this video link.....

Sorry its dark...............


Aiden coloring! Photo    
Aiden coloring!
Aiden is coloring a lot better these days!  He seems to take pride in coloring within the lines and really makes a concentrated effort to do so.
He loves trains and it is so cute when he says "Sir Topham hat"
He says it, "Sir tom a hat"

Whenever he sees a person or thing that has a hat like Sir Topham hat he makes it a point to say so!

Scurvy pirate plays the drums! Photo    
Scurvy pirate plays the drums!
Aiden taking a standing ovation after his stellar preformance!

Go Diego Go! Photo    
Go Diego Go!
Aiden saw his first theatre production of Go Diego Go!
At first he was kind of "overwhlemed" by all of the sights and sounds.  He took his baby jaguar mask and "hid" behind it for the first 30 minutes of the preformance.  It was practically "glued" to his face!
He was VERY still and quiet, he did not utter one word!
Then he was able to watch the rest of it without the mask with no problems.
In no time, he will be ready for his first "Bacchanalia" LOL

Aiden singing his ABC's!

Aiden doing stretches and dancing!
Aiden doing his stretches and dancing to Sesame street.


Sitting on Santa's lap Photo    
Sitting on Santa's lap
And he didn't cry.  We kind of "primed" him before and he was actually excited to do it.  He told Santa his abc's and counted on his fingers for him.

Finally drinks from a straw! Photo    
Finally drinks from a straw!
Now this one was a hard one!!! I have been working with him off and on for the past 2 months on drinking from a straw.  Some reason, he had NO interest at all!  This is surprising cause if you knew Aiden, he tries something once and will do it over and over until he masters it.  He is usually motivated to try new things but for some reason, he took awhile drinking from a straw.  I am now happy to report, he drinks all of his liquids only from a straw and cup.  No more baby sippy cups.  He is on to the "big boy" stuff!

Preparation of the nose! Photo    
Preparation of the nose!
In order to be a proper "red nosed toddler"
you have to fashion the nose "just so" as seen here.

Aiden the red nosed toddler???? Photo    
Aiden the red nosed toddler????
Aiden sporting his "new" nose!  And what a nose it is!

Smiling on demand! Photo    
Smiling on demand!
Whenever I have the camera out, Aiden says, "Cheeeeese" and smiles towards the camera.  He used to hate being photographed and spent more times "turning" away.  Now he is always "hamming" it up in front of the camera!

Christmas 2007 - Present-henge Photo    
Christmas 2007 - Present-henge
Aiden got so many things.  More than what he knew what to do with!  Here's the list:

$35.00 check

Block set

Monster truck set

Diego and Dora doodle pad

Diego shirt

Diego watch

Diego fort

Diego tent

Diego lantern

Diego dominoes

Subway food set

Pots and pans set

Assorted breads, food, veggies for kitchen

Mickey Mouse shirt and pants

Diego doll

Diego mega blocks set

Flash cards set

Leap pad preschool

Diego bowl/cup utensil set

Diego sports cup

Cat in the hat 7 book set

Cat in the hat backpack

Electronic coin counter piggy bank

Finding Nemo for leap pad

Diego action set with ATV and animals

Diego saves the dolphin DVD

Diego action set with ATV and animals

Diego saves the dolphin DVD

Finding Nemo roll luggage/backpack

Diego Rescue play structure

Goofy ATV action figure set

Lincoln log blocks

ABC blocks with back pack

Thomas the tank CD game

Petshop play structure

Tonka dump truck

Notice the trend here?  He LOVES Diego stuff!

Playing in his Diego bus! Photo    
Playing in his Diego bus!

Diego and yellow busses!  Both things Aiden loves the most!

First haircut since..... 8/2006 Photo    
First haircut since..... 8/2006
After much pondering, I decided to cut the back of my boys hair.  I took off nearly 4 inches that took over a year to grow.  Bruce was mildly irked that where ever we would go, Aiden gets called a "girl"
But today, even after I cut it, a woman at a restaurant wanted to know if "She" wanted anything to drink.  So much for the haircut!
I STILL prefer boys with long hair!

Front Photo    

Only took off a bit from the front.

Disneyland Photo    
We made a trip to Disneyland again.
Aiden did real well on the flight and enjoyed being in an "airplane."
Some of the rides he started to get afraid but once we got on, he was okay.  We spent 4 days there at both Disneyland and California Adventure park.

Aiden writing his name Photo    
Aiden writing his name
Aiden is really getting good at writing his own name.  He knows where to put each letter and takes such pride in doing so.
Pretty good for not even being 3 years old yet!

Aiden on the computer
Aiden has become quite proficient on the computer these days.  Just within the last week or so, he can navigate his way with a mouse and he knows how to use the keyboard.
He learned how to use the up and down arrow keys on his "Baby" computer a few months back and now he has gotten much better.

Here's the video link:


Forward rolls Photo    
Forward rolls
Aiden mastered the forward roll about a week ago.  He can do it on his own now.  We are going to start him on baby tumbling classes next week to further his skills.  He loves to do it!

See the video:


Google Earth
Aiden LOVES GOOGLE Earth ( where you can travel the world with a click of the button )
EVERY night he wants to look at Google earth on my laptop.  Usually Bruce does the Google earth with Aiden, supervised.
Today, I left the laptop "unattended" and he launched it himself. He knew which icon to click on and was happily watching some place in Nairobi! :doh:

Family portrait day Photo    
Family portrait day
A family portrait taken today.

Family portrait day Photo    
Family portrait day
Another picture..............

Family portrait day Photo    
Family portrait day
Aiden making the "Cheesy cheese" face........  He has been doing this face quite often in pictures........

Mama?  Why are you Photo    
Mama? Why are you
Sleeping in my bed????

View and share funny images and funny pictures and funny videos online.

Aiden, the sessions drummer! Photo    
Aiden, the sessions drummer!
Aiden keeping the beat!  He LOVES the drums!

Aiden typing on the keyboard
Aiden LOVES to type his name on the keyboard.  He has gotten to the point now where he can launch almost any program on my laptop ( CORRECTION, AIDEN's laptop! )

He also does not like any windows open when he is done and will promptly close everything and shut everything down.  Good boy!

Here's a video:


Aiden drumming to RUSH!
Aiden playing the drums to RUSH.  He loves watching music videos.


Easter Bunny visit Photo    
Easter Bunny visit
HATED it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Easter Photo    
Blowing bubbles!  Wow this Easter bunny is great!  He brought me ALL kinds of neat things!!!!!

Check it out! Photo    
Check it out!
Check out my Easter baskets and eggs!!!!

Aiden's birthday - 3 years old! Photo    
Aiden's birthday - 3 years old!
Aiden really started understanding the concept that his birthday was coming.  He was very excited and told us he wanted an "ice cream cake"

We took him to Casa de fruta to ride a train and go on the carousel.  He did neither.... Once we got there, he "decided" he didn't want to go on the train but just look at them from afar......

Gifts he got this year:

Mini trampoline
Race through the rain forest Diego interactive book
Diego adventure trike
Thomas aqua doodle
Tonka garbage/recycle truck
Smart interactive globe
Click start Thomas the Tank game
Thomas Sodor carnival train set
Disney learning DVD preschool game
Disney learning DVD kindergarten game
Soccer ball
Tote and go laptop plus

He has shifted his interest toward Thomas the train stuff, although he still likes Diego.

Cheerios and trains Photo    
Cheerios and trains
This is what happens when you leave a bowl of cheerios and snacks "unattended"

They end up in the train!

Aiden doing his karate moves

Aiden spelling
Aiden spelling his name, Grammy, Mama, Papa!

He only learned how to spell Grammy the day before.


Aiden doing Pilates! Photo    
Aiden doing Pilates!
Mama got a new pilates mat for Mother's day and Aiden is "trying" it out....  Nice form!

Carnival, fun and games Photo    
Carnival, fun and games
Went to a carnival family fun day that Aiden's preschool put on.  Aiden had such a good time playing the carnival games, going in the petting zoo and petting all of the ducks, chickens and rabbits, and jumping in the jump house.
He even got his face painted and sat through it with no complaints!
We tried to get him to do the pony ride but he wouldn't have it.  Oh well, maybe next year!

My Stars
My stars, how does Mars, make such wonderful candy bars?


PDA's Photo    
Not "Public displays of affection" but the electronic version.

Aiden has taken quite the liking to his papa's pda.  So much so, it is now "his"

He plays the game "bejeweled" on it with the stylus.

Greek festival Photo    
Greek festival
We went to a Greek festival today.  Aiden enjoyed the bus ride to the event, playing some of the children's games and jumping in the jump house.  He picked out this cute hat ( animal unknown? maybe a monkey? ) and had a kitty cat painted on his face. 
The weather was a breezy 68 degrees and overcast so it was the perfect day.

Playing at the park Photo    
Playing at the park
Playing at Vasona Park.  He loves these collapsable tunnels!

First Baseball Game - San Jose Giants vs Jethawks Photo    
First Baseball Game - San Jose Giants vs Jethawks

Aiden went to his very first baseball game today.  He enjoyed cheering our team on and watched intently at the game.  Unfortunately, we picked a day when it was 95 degrees out so we left after eating the bbq and watching the game for about an hour.
Maybe we will try it again next time it is cooler.....

Father's day Photo    
Father's day
Aiden and papa on Fathers day.  They both have on similar shirt/shorts set.
Aiden has the "Little dipper" on his shirt and Bruce has the "Big dipper" on his.....

It's SHOW Time! Photo    
It's SHOW Time!
Today was show week at the Little Gym where Aiden goes for his tumbling/gymnastic classes.
All of the kids did their routines while the parents watched.  They did the balance beam, parallel bars and floor routines.
Aiden was so proud to get his medal.  He was beaming!

Them fingers were made for picking Olallieberries! Photo    
Them fingers were made for picking Olallieberries!
We went to Pescadero for 2 days.  Pescadero is near Half Moon bay and a very nice coastal town.  First stop was Phipps Country store where we picked Olallieberries.
Olallieberries are similar to boysenberries and only found in a few places such as Pescadero.
Aiden had a blast picking them from the vines and putting them in his bucket.  He was so proud of his berries!

Here are some more pictures - Click on the link below!


Taxi Taxi

Taxi Taxi
Riding in the taxi
Roll the window up
Roll the window down
Put the money in the slot; see ya later thanks a lot
Sure beats walking across town!


Reducing the carbon footprint! Photo    
Reducing the carbon footprint!
What can I say!  The boy loves to recycle!  He helps me with the sorting of paper, plastic and cans.
Here he is helping with the cans.

Watching the Electrical parade. Photo    
Watching the Electrical parade.

I asked Aiden what he was doing and he told me that the "shells" were watching the Electrical Parade.

How imaginative is that!

Gee, we went to Disneyland in February and he STILL remembers!!!

Better hide!!! Photo    
Better hide!!!
Here the baby shells are "hiding" from the monster shell thats coming!  Notice how he has everything all arranged and the big white "fuzz" is blocking the entrance?  It's all played out in the grand scheme of things!

The Goodnight bird story
2 videos - its one story but for some reason, Aiden likes to stop in between.  He can recite the whole thing but lately he wants to stop and watch the video before going to the next verse.
First part -
On a tree, on a hill, lived a bird, that would not sleep.
"I'm not tired" the bird said
As the sun turned pink and the sky turned dark
Sleep said the sun
You need your rest
Now close your eyes and get in your nest.
I'm not tired!
Sleep said the moon
Now I mean that!
Youre a little bird, you're not a bat!
I'm not tired! The bird said with a yawn
and the owl woke up and the stars came out
The rest of the story goes:
Sleep said the stars we saw you yawn, now lay your beak down, don't wake til dawn......... But I---m n---o--t   t---i---r---e--d......... bird said one more time......
and he closed his eyes and began to snore.... and he snored..... and snored.... and snored..... zzzzzzz
The End!

Thomas The Train visits Felton! Photo    
Thomas The Train visits Felton!
We went to see the Thomas The Train event in Felton.
Aiden really enjoyed all of the activities and he even enjoyed the train ride this time!
For some reason though, he didn't want to have his picture taken in front of Thomas.
He loved getting the face tattoo and also the jump house.
The weather was 75 degrees and slightly windy.  Perfect day for an outing.

Wii or    
Wii or "Weeeeeeeee?"
I no longer have a Wii console and the FIT.  It's been taken over by Aiden.  He loves playing with it!  The picture is of him playing the BASEBALL game.

The video, he is doing the step aerobics - picture is kind of dark, sorry! ( see link below )


Warm fuzzies - Take two! Photo    
Warm fuzzies - Take two!
Remember that little "red fuzz" from over a year ago?

Well it just resurfaced again!

Look closely................................

First day of preschool Photo    
First day of preschool
Aiden LOVED his first day of preschool.  He blended right in with all of the kids and enjoyed painting, playing outside, playdough and circle time.

He did not seem apprehensive and just had a great time!

Here he is matching shapes

Wii Golf
Aiden playing Wii golf.  He loves this game and usually does pretty good!


Terrible two's Photo    
Terrible two's
Aiden is NOW going through the "terrible two's" stage even though he is 3.5 years old. He never had the tantrums and the defiance until just recently. He wants to do everything himself and when we tell him he can't ( if its dangerous, etc ) he gets mad and tells us how mad he is! He has not been listening very well lately and testing the waters. And here I thought I was the only parent who didn't have to go through this! Now its come with a vengeance! But, we have gotten through a lot of stuff ( with time outs ) and stuff and he is starting to cooperate a bit better.
The other day we were at the park and he didn't want to go. So he started yelling at the top of his lungs, "Mama! you don't listen to me! You're a BAD girl! You need a time out!" LOL

Stanford-Binet IQ test Photo    
Stanford-Binet IQ test
Aiden just got back from seeing a psychologist ( on the advice from our dr ) and got administered the Stanford-Binet IQ test. His equivalent for an adult is in the high 120's ( gee, mine is only 127 ). They predict that he is moderately "gifted" and will need to redo testing around age 6.
All of the people who have seen him have always commented on his ability to reason ( for a 3 year old ) and his cognitive and non verbal ques. What does this mean? Well probably nothing as he is still our 3 year old boy!
I just need to figure out how to challenge him.... How does that work when he already "challenges" me?

Preschool pumpkin patch field trip Photo    
Preschool pumpkin patch field trip
Aiden went to a pumpkin patch field trip with all of his friends from preschool.
There was a train ride, hay ride and all kinds of special things for little kids.  He picked out his own pumpkin and enjoyed looking at every one for the perfect one.

Preschool picture - part 1 Photo    
Preschool picture - part 1
No "cheesey cheese" face ( where he scrunches up his nose ) but he totally faked a smile!

Preschool picture - part 2 Photo    
Preschool picture - part 2

Preschool picture - Group pictures Photo    
Preschool picture - Group pictures
This is the one where he made that "Cheesy Cheese" face.

Checking the vitals on the pumpkin Photo    
Checking the vitals on the pumpkin
Dr. Aiden checking the vitals on the pumpkin.

Paging Dr. Aiden Photo    
Paging Dr. Aiden
Dr. Aiden!  You're needed in surgery, STAT!

Aiden ate his very FIRST M&M today.  Hard to believe we have gone 3.5 years before he had his first, YES FIRST piece of candy.  And he liked it <sigh>

Halloween Photo    
Dr. Aiden tired after trick or treating through the mall.

Santa Photo    
Aiden saw Santa today.  He was so excited to tell him that he was a "good boy" and that he really wanted the Polar Express train.

I actually spoke with Santa privately and asked him to give Aiden a bell I brought.  This bell was similar to the one that Santa gave the little boy in the movie, Polar Express.  You should have seen the look on Aiden's face when he got his "bell" 

First dentist appointment
Aiden's very first trip to the dentist went VERY well!!!
I was VERY surprised! Aiden did not complain or even make one bit of a fuss for the appointment!
He even let the dentist clean his teeth, do some minor scaling and apply flouride!
He sat in the chair like a big boy and did not complain once!

Our Christmas tree Photo    
Our Christmas tree
Our Christmas tree. 
Aiden LOVED decorating it this year.  He was so happy to be able to hang the ornaments "all by himself" this year.

He hung several of them grouped together - as many as 4 in a cluster! <laugh>

Christmas 2008 Photo    
Christmas 2008
Aiden got so many things!  He really got excited about the whole Santa Clause event.  We baked cookies the night before for Santa, set out the milk and he became so excited for Santa's arrival.  In the morning, his eyes were big like saucers when he noticed the empty glass of milk and plate of cookies were gone!  He instantly saw all of the nice presents from Santa and was so excited!

Here is a list of what he got:

Drum set
Leapster Backyardigans game
Leapster Cars game
Fisher Price - Spiral speedway track
Bubble machine
WALL.E computer
Cars shirt/vest/pants set
2 - long sleeved shirts
Diego sea glider toy
Mega blocks dump truck
Mario Kart game for Wii
Snow mobile for Wii
Rock Band for Wii
Cars scooter
Polar Express train set
M&M's kart game for Wii
Emergency vehicles play set
PT cruiser car
Remote control truck
WALL.E fix it yourself kit
Thomas DVD bingo
Leapster 2 connected
Leapster Diego Animal rescue game
Kids ask why books
Diego Frog habitat growing kit
Glow star globe
Wooden animal coloring set
Snow helmet and goggles
Guitar and microphone set

First time in the snow! Photo    
First time in the snow!
Aiden enjoyed his first trip to the snow.  He loved riding on the big snow board and making snow angels.  After 2 hours of play, he still wanted more!

Aiden's 4th birthday Photo    
Aiden's 4th birthday
Aiden is 4 today!!!  My, has time gone by fast.
We got him this Artic Cat Jeep.  Its really rugged and can go on all kinds of different terrain.  The speed is 5 mph!

Aiden's friends party at pump-it-up Photo    
Aiden's friends party at pump-it-up

Aiden had his first kids party at Pump-it-up jump house in Sunnyvale, Calif.
He had about 16 friends and had so much fun, jumping and playing.

Here's a list of the gifts he got for his birthday.

Thomas bike
Discovery 3D Viewfinder with disks
Matchbox lights and sounds hard hat
3 Dr. Seuss books

4 short sleeve shirts

Transportation flash cards
Spiderman skates
Leapfrog My card games

Vtech Kidizoom Digital camera

Power Wheels Artic Cat 650 Jeep

$20.00 Target gift card

$25.00 Target gift card
Walkie Talkies
Polo shirt and shorts set
Police action playset
Cars puzzle
10 pack Hotwheels cars
Jumpin Monkeys game
5 pack hotwheels cars
Hitch & go truck set
Hullabaloo game
Color explosion drawing pages
Giant bubble super stick
Cars Race O Rama track set
Nerf football
Cars octane gain play set

Skiing for the first time! Photo    
Skiing for the first time!

We went to Northstar ski resort where Aiden took his first private ski lessons.  He was a "natural" at it and loved it.  He even went on the chair lift and was very pleased with himself that he could "ski"
We also did the inner tubing and had a lot of fun there too!

Indoor Windtunnel/skydiving adventure Photo    
Indoor Windtunnel/skydiving adventure
Aiden did the indoor windtunnel/skydiving adventure with us.  It was Junne's birthday and we decided to do this.
He was a bit scared at first but stuck with it.  What a trooper!