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Aiden's arrival was calculated and expected on March 29th, 2005. 

I had arranged with my Dr to have Aiden via C-section 4 weeks prior to his arrival.  We picked the date which would be 1 week prior to the original due date of April 5th, 39 weeks of the normal 40 week gestation.

From the day I found out when the "birthdate" would be, I talked to Aiden daily and asked him to please be patient and not "come out" until it was "time."

He listened.

On 3/29/05, my water broke at about 3:00 am, which was about an hour from when I was originally going to be waking up so I could be at the hospital by 6:30am.

He must have really wanted out cause I heard the loudest "POP" when the water broke!

I went in to active labor by the time I arrived at the hospital and my contractions were 5 minutes apart.  Honestly, I did not feel them.  The only way I knew was Bruce showed me the contractions on the machine I was hooked up to and the Dr's also confirmed them. 

I had to wait until about 11:00am to get my Spinal done.  Apparently there was a few births that took place before me that took precedence.

About 30 minutes before we got started. the Dr asked me if I could "guess" Aiden's birth weight.  He guessed at somewhere around 7 pounds or so, closer to 8 pounds.  My guess?  8 pounds 2 ounces.
The Dr was amazed that I guessed Aiden's weight EXACTLY!  How amazing is that?!?!

Aiden was born at 11:36 am and had the most LOUDEST cry I had ever heard!


Sitting in the room with Nanny.  About 3 hours before delivery. 


Aiden just a few minutes old.  This is right before he got weighed and measured.  Just less than an hour old.  Look at that scrunched up face!


Junne holding Aiden for the first time!


Junne, Bruce and Aiden - First family photo!


Bruce holding Aiden

This is Aiden at just one day old.  He was wide awake and alert.