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The name AIDEN

According to the Celtic book of names, Aiden is described as "Fiery"
He is every bit of "fiery" and the name seemed to fit his personality, even before he was born.  He was constantly "on the move" and kicking his mama before he was born.  Junne can only describe Aiden's constant moving was that he was "spackling" the walls and making his home for his 9 month stay, a beautiful one.

We actually did not decide on a name until about 3 weeks before he was born.  We went back and forth between a few names ( he almost was a Robert ) and it was Bruce who thought "Aiden" would be fitting.

Wouldn't you know it, at the time, Aiden's name was ranked #64 on the popularity lists for 2005. 
Now they have just published the 10 most popular names for 2006.

Guess what? 

AIDEN made the list!  Same EXACT spelling too!