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Welcome to the WEBBE Family Website!


2002 ~ The year for new beginnings!

We've added some articles, some new pictures, and some memories ( old and new ) this past year but we still need a lot more stuff from everyone to make this page complete! Much of the success of keeping this page alive depends on YOU! Be a part of our history and keep the memories alive forever!

The goal of this webpage is to keep us connected and hopefully share some information on the Webbe family and memories for the future generations of the Webbe family to look back on! Whether you are a Webbe, related to a Webbe, or perhaps know a Webbe, we want to hear from you!

Send your letters, accomplishments, or whatever you'd like to share with us!

Be a part of this living legacy!

Don't forget the photo's too! I am open to any suggestions, comments or ideas you have so please e-mail them to me. Bruce has spent many long hours to put together a FAMILY TREE and Genealogy book to put here. This information is constantly updated. Some of you may have already received the "first" edition hard copy of this. We hope you enjoy it!

Also, many, many Thanks to Cousin Dorothy Harkrader for ALL the information, pictures and priceless stuff she had loaned and given us to have included in this page. She has been gracious enough to send us more information and stuff than we know what to do with! Hopefully, this will be translated into photo's and webbe-related articles in the News section soon!

Also, many thanks to Aunt Janet Stout. On our trip to Ohio, she gave us tons of old photos, letters and stamps, most of the stuff belonging to Paul & Earnest Albert Webbe. We had so much material we had to buy a new piece of luggage just to get it all home! They will also be included in the NEWS section soon for all to look at.

Junne Webbe



If you are a WEBBE or know a WEBBE, or descendants of WEBBE, WEBB, WARNOCK, BRICKER, BRADY or LINTERN, please write to us describing with as many details on how/why you may think you are part of the WEBBE family ancestry - We need detailed information such as marriages, divorces, births, deaths, social security records, and any pertinent records related to our family history. According to an original ship passenger's list that was given to Bruce recently by Aunt Betty Hoolahan, prior to the late 1800's, we do know that 2 of the family ancestors (spelled on this list as Earnest Webb and Arthur Webb) came over to America from Liverpool, England aboard The Inman Line SS Steamship on Wednesday, February 8, 1893 - At that time the last name was spelled WEBB -  however somewhere between that time and now, it had been changed to WEBBE.

What is the meaning of the surname WEBBE? Find out by clicking here!

SS City of New York - Inman Line - Click to read more information on the steamship the Webbe's came over to America on


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