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Lillian Gates, Julia Geddes, Ruth Montondo, Carol Rothgery, Virginia Smith, Margaret Webb, Paul Webbe, for the names, dates, stories & letters that made this all possible.  Marilyn Brill  -

This is how it started, a thank you to contributors.  Marilyn had put together a family genealogy for the Webbe family.   She included what is now the preface, and the "Webb" name history and the coat-of-arms, text included herein, from a cut out article, of which I've not been able to determine the origin.  A page for each husband, wife, children, typed out with some hand written notes.  Some personal glimpses, hand drawing family trees on graph paper, a naturalization paper for John Webbe, and a certificate of ownership for Elmwood Cemetery, all made up this wonderful introduction to the Webbe family.

Thank you Marilyn for putting it all together.  Thank you Dorothy Harkrader ( Bricker ) for collecting all this information, keeping all this, and providing me with the information that started my trek into knowing "The Webbe's" better.  Sorrowfully, I thank my father, Ernest J. Webbe, for it was his passing that initiated this trek, and brought me closer to my, his family.  And thank you to my wife, Junne, for her patience and understanding for the time spent on this project.


Bruce Webbe



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