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4 Generations of WEBBE'S

Left to Right:

Donald, Paul,
Ernest Albert,
Ernest John,
Bruce ( baby )

4 Generations of Webbe's


bullet  PEOPLE    bullet  PLACES

Green Pin   Spotmyster's original AOL Page.

Green Pin   Some pictures of the family.

Green Pin   Auti & Drew's day (2007)

Green Pin   Julia Geddes' trip to Paris

Green Pin   Pictures of friends from work

Green Pin   Things you might see while traveling along.

Green Pin   Kirtland, Ohio: a look of old.


Pictures of Aiden...

Green Pin   Aiden's first four years.

Green Pin   Random, candid shots of Aiden

Green Pin   Cameos of Aiden, modeling

Green Pin   Aiden's 3rd Grade Science Experiment

Green Pin   Aiden's Swim Lessons (2009).

Green Pin   His ninth birthday party! (2014)

Green Pin   His fourth birthday party (2009).


~ And now for something completely random! ~

Green Pin   Food presentations.

Green Pin   Flora,

Green Pin   and Fauna.

Green Pin   Interesting Textures.


~ Keep checking back, we update all the time! ~



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